Daniela Hantuchova criticizes Victoria Azarenka's attitude in Miami


Daniela Hantuchova criticizes Victoria Azarenka's attitude in Miami
Daniela Hantuchova criticizes Victoria Azarenka's attitude in Miami

Victoria Azarenka's elimination from WTA 1000 in Miami three days ago caused a sensation. The former world number 1, engaged in her third round match against Linda Fruhvirtova, the revelation of the tournament, was one set and one break behind when she suddenly decided to leave the match.

What was most striking was the reaction of the Belarusian, who left the field without giving any explanation to either the judge or her opponent. Explanation that she arrived a few hours later by the two-time Grand Slam champion, who revealed that the reason for the sudden retirement was an excessive build-up of stress in the last few weeks.

A few days earlier another episode had always involved Victoria Azarenka, who had burst into tears in the third round of Indian Wells against Elena Rybakina: that day, however, she had remained in the field until the end (she lost 6-3 6-4).

What happened in Miami, however, did not welcome former WTA Number 5 Daniela Hantuchova, who expressed her disagreement with Azarenka's behavior in an interview for Tennishead on Amazon Prime.

Hantuchova: “Disrespectful to everyone.

The WTA must investigate "

The way Victoria Azarenka dropped out of Miami's WTA 1000 was not at all liked by former tennis player and world number 5 Daniela Hantuchova. The former Slovakian player, when questioned on the subject, said: "The most disrespectful thing of all is the way she left the pitch without really giving a reason.

I think the WTA will really have to investigate this - says Hantuchova -. This to me is really bizarre and really disrespectful to the crowd, the referee and especially Linda Fruhvirtova. I think Vika Azarenka knows that if she continues like this she will still be off the track very soon." In her explanation of the Miami events, however, Victoria Azarenka announced that she would be taking a break from tennis. It has been a very difficult two months for her.

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