Tim Henman comments on Nick Kyrgios - Carlos Bernardes feud

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Tim Henman comments on Nick Kyrgios - Carlos Bernardes feud

Former British tennis star Tim Henman described the Nick Kyrgios and Jannik Sinner match as a "proper circus" and praised the Italian for keeping his focus when it was easy to get distracted. Kyrgios was unhappy with chair umpire Carlos Bernardes and he let the experienced ATP umpire hear it.

Kyrgios was hit by a costly point penaly in the first set tie-break and he absolutely lost it after losing the first set. Bernardes then hit Kyrgios with a game penalty as Sinner started the second set with a break without doing anything.

"For the vast part of the match Carlos Bernardes got it spot on," said Henman on Amazon Prime. "He gave Nick a little bit of leeway in the first set but if behave like that you have to face the consequences.

"The biggest obstacle Kyrgios had was his opponent. It was a proper circus out here. There were a lot of distraction, a lot of opportunities for Sinner to lose concentration and he didn't do that”.

Kyrgios wasn't happy with Bernardes, gave Sinner credit

Kyrgios tweeted after the match: "‘You could do the job of the umpire’ - what was said to my best friend that got me ‘unsportsmanlike code violation’ at 5-3 in the first set tie break.

With 100 of thousands of dollars on the line that was the decision he made because the umpires ‘feelings got hurt. GET NEW PEOPLE." Kyrgios made it clear that he wasn't taking anything from Sinner after the Italian's victory.

"Don’t get it twisted. I got mad respect for @janniksir he is one of my favourite players and he was TOO GOOD. I am aiming all of this at an umpire who clearly ISNT GOOD ENOUGH to be doing these matches. Nothing but a slap on the wrist for him right? What a joke," Kyrgios said in another tweet.