Ferrero thanks Carlos Alcaraz for his dedication

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Ferrero thanks Carlos Alcaraz for his dedication

Juan Carlos Ferrero, coach of Carlos Alcaraz, played a fundamental role in the growth of the young Spanish talent. The two have a relationship that goes beyond a simple working relationship, but they also have a strong emotional bond.

This week Ferrero did not follow Alcaraz to Miami due to a sad news: last week his father Eduardo passed away. Alcaraz did not forget his coach and made a beautiful dedication to him at the end of the match against Kecmanovic.

Speaking to the microphones of Vamos Ferrero thanked his pupil and spoke of his extraordinary run in this tournament. Alcaraz is in the final and is one step away from becoming the first Spanish tennis player (and the youngest ever) to win the Miami Open.

Ferrero's words on Carlos Alcaraz

Ferrero thanked Alcaraz and commented on the dedication received as follows: "To be successful in a relationship, even at work, you need to have an ongoing relationship where friendship and loyalty play an important role.

Carlos is making an important effort this week and I know it's not easy for him, I can't help but thank him. These days are difficult for me, but another thing that makes me sad is that I left him alone in Miami. But he is behaving and is doing like a true champion."

Ferrero talked about the management of the points and the mental strength of Alcaraz, a situation that he also demonstrated in the victory against Hurkacz: "He has worked a lot over the years on this thing. I remember when he, at 14 in Murcia, he felt confused after the first ATP points.

Now he's much more charismatic and I'm sure he feels comfortable with him. It also helps him a lot that the audience is often on his side." Finally Ferrero continues: "He had great potential as a child and he worked on it continuously, he has always been a tennis player and a special guy.

He told me these days that he didn't feel 100% mentally, but already the fact that he realizes what he misses is extraordinary. We are talking about a special boy, in every sense."