Medina Garrigues: "The comparison with Rafael Nadal is not good for Alcaraz"


Medina Garrigues: "The comparison with Rafael Nadal is not good for Alcaraz"

At just 18 year-old, Carlos Alcaraz is already writing new pages in tennis history. The very young Spanish talent is progressing exponentially and it seems that nothing and no one is able to stop him at the moment. Only in 2022, in fact, did he put two prestigious trophies on the showcase such as the ATP 500 in Rio de Janeiro and the recently won Masters 1000 in Miami, demonstrating his continued growth.

Alcaraz who, without any fear, has made it clear that he feels capable of winning a Grand Slam in the near future. Who knows that, as claimed by former Slovakian tennis player Daniela Hantuchova, the opportunity may not already arise at Roland Garros.

Due to his attitude on the pitch and his hunger for victory, the rising star of El Palmar is often compared to the Majorcan champion Rafael Nadal, a source of inspiration for him since he was a child. Yet, there are those like Anabel Medina Garrigues who argue that, although they can find similarities, this constant comparison with the 21-time Grand Slam champion is not good for Carlos Alcaraz: "We are living it with great enthusiasm.

What Rafa has done over the years has been impressive and it is not good for Carlos that we compare him to Rafa, but the truth is that in terms of progression, taking into account their age, the path of the two is very similar.

Nadal himself says, and I agree, that Carlos is very similar to him. For character, physique and courage."

Medina Garrigues on Alcaraz: "Happy to see Nadal's replacement"

In the continuation of her commendation towards the baby-phenomenon Carlos Alcaraz, Anabel Medina Garrigues especially exalted the optimism with which he looks towards the future, her great ambition.

According to the captain of the Spanish Fed Cup selection, the 18-year-old Murciano is ready to take up the legacy of Rafael Nadal while keeping Spain at the top of the world rankings. "He is not afraid and says he wants to win the Grand Slams and be number one.

This makes us very happy to see that we will have a replacement for Nadal at the top of the table. It doesn't mean that he will win 20 Grand Slams, but he will be the next benchmark in Spanish tennis. I really enjoy watching him play.

He is very different from Rafa, he has nothing to do with it, but he also has a very current tennis: aggressive, powerful, serves well and he likes to hit the net. And he likes big stages. This makes good players, even better."

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