Chris Evert: "For Naomi Osaka there is a price to pay"

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Chris Evert: "For Naomi Osaka there is a price to pay"

The WTA 1000 in Miami has given back a former world number one to women's tennis: Naomi Osaka. The Japanese tennis player reached the final of the US tournament, surrendering only to the overwhelming power of this season of Iga Swiatek, the new world number one on the women's Tour.

A comeback after the events of the 2018 US Open: in the following months, Naomi Osaka was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. A condition that she has put her in difficulty on many occasions, up to the Indian Wells demonstration.

In the other US WTA 1000, the Japanese tennis player burst into tears after the insults she received from the stands. A difficult situation for the winner of four Grand Slam titles: this is what another Grand Slam winner, Chris Evert, wanted to emphasize.

Chris Evert: "For Naomi Osaka there is a price to pay"

In an interview with Eurosport, the former world number one highlighted the pressure to which great tennis players are subjected. She said: "Naomi is a very sensitive and vulnerable person.

This life of winning tournaments, of being number one in the world, of winning the Grand Slams. This competition involves being a goal that everyone is talking about, being judged by the fans and the media. See how they take your privacy away.

It's not just playing a match on the court, it's all there is to it. It was a struggle for her." In the interview with Eurosport, Chris Evert wanted to specify that his words for Osaka are not a criticism, but something else: "You must have tough skin, this is a reality and it is not a criticism.

If you don't have tough skin, you can develop it because you have to understand that if you are so successful, you are exposed to anyone who judges you and talks about you," said the former American tennis player.

Finally, the American explained that the champions, like Naomi Osaka, have to pay a price for what they do on the court. "I have always felt that if you are successful in any field and are making millions of dollars on the tennis court and from different sponsors, you pay the price. There is always a price for everything" commented the winner of 18 Grand Slam titles.