Alexander Bublik defends Nick Kyrgios from ATP's 'cage'

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Alexander Bublik defends Nick Kyrgios from ATP's 'cage'

World No. 36 Alexander Bublik has defended Nick Kyrgios from criticism as he says the Australian is one of those players that make the game more entertaining and bring the crowd to tennis matches. Kyrgios, a six-time ATP champion, isn't a top-10 player, has no Grand Slam or Masters titles in his collection but all of his matches feature a sold out crowd.

Kyrgios' attractive game style and flamboyant approach make him one of the most entertaining players on the Tour. Recently, Kyrgios faced criticism for his outbursts in Indian Wells and Miami. Following the outbursts, the ATP said the chair umpires "have been directed to take a stricter stance in judging violations of the Code of Conduct."

Bublik: Kyrgios brings the entertainment

“I don’t know. This happened after the whole explosion in the American swing," Bublik said on Tennis Channel, as quoted on Tennis365. “Nick brings tonnes of fans, what are they here for, what are we here for? To watch guys walking on court with suits? This is sport, it’s supposed to be a bit of emotion and they try to put in some kind of a cage where we cannot talk.

“I am 24 and I see who brings attendances and fans to the game. Have you ever seen doubles fans? No. He brings doubles fans. Sometimes he does something not appropriate for tennis and they want to make a cage even tighter for us.

“I don’t think it’s good for sport, maybe if you are 65 and you come with your grand kids and they don’t want to hear bad words, but the reality is in America the stadiums were full. Australia they were filled, everywhere.

“For me I am not a fan of it, we should have more room. I think we need people who bring attendances. Of course you cannot do certain things and you need to be punished, but let us talk, don’t look at us every minute when we talk”.