Carlos Alcaraz: "I'm not God"

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Carlos Alcaraz: "I'm not God"

The victory at the Miami Open at just 18 years of age had exalted his deeds, but only a few days later Carlos Alcaraz was back with his feet on the ground at the Monte Carlo tournament. The young Spanish talent crashed on his debut and lost to Sebastian Korda, still showing gaps especially with the change of surface.

Now it's time for Carlos to play in Barcelona, ​​in his Spain. The number 11 in the world spoke like this at the press conference: "Compared to previous years, I arrive here as a more solid player, with greater certainties and solutions than in the past.

Changing surfaces is not easy and we saw it in Montecarlo. I had a difficult match and maybe it wasn't bad to have a few more days to train on clay. I know that Barcelona will be an important tournament and that it will allow me to gain more experience.

Absences? I know that Bautista and Nadal will be missing, I don't know if there are other important absences but the players on the circuit are all very good."

Carlos Alcaraz: "I'm not God"

The young tennis player then spoke of the alleged pressure of the media and toned down: "I don't pay much attention to the media, I don't follow everything and I don't know how much people talk about me.

Of course, if the media speak well of me it means that I'm doing well and this is good. I don't think about this and I don't care, the truth is that I certainly don't lose or win because of the media, rest assured. The defeat of Monte Carlo? Korda is a great tennis player, I knew from the start it was going to be very tough.

I'm not a god or anything like that, I can't always win. I am aware that in any match I can suffer a defeat. All tennis players have a chance to win and therefore I have to give my best every time to be able to bring home success.

Losing in the first round is not a drama, but it helped me to fix other things and improve, I had more time to train. It is not easy to manage the tight times between the various tournaments, I have recently been in the circuit and I also have to get used to situations like these. You have to know how to manage times well and calibrate the calendar well."

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