Miomir Kecmanovic explains what has changed since David Nalbandian addition

Nalbandian has helped Kecmanovic elevate his game to a new level.

by Dzevad Mesic
Miomir Kecmanovic explains what has changed since David Nalbandian addition

Miomir Kecmanovic, 22, reveals he has improved his way of thinking on the court since hiring David Nalbandian as he is happy that his game has been elevated to a new level since the addition of the former Argentine tennis star.

Kecmanovic started his season by reaching the Australian Open round-of-16 and last month he made back-to-back Masters quarterfinals in indian Wells and Miami. “The most obvious progress I’ve made is in my way of thinking on the court, namely how I’m building my points now.

It is a unique way of thinking for me I did not have before my collaboration with Nalbandian. He encouraged the entire team to work more, to try harder. He has also influenced my strength and conditioning coach Uros to improve my physical performance.

We’ve worked on that and now it has started coming," Kecmanovic explained.

Kecmanovic now a better clay player

In February, Kecmanovic went to South America to play three clay tournaments. Kecmanovic enjoyed solid runs in Rio de Janeiro and Santiago, having reached the quarterfinal at both events.

“I feel much better, I move much better and I think much better on clay than before although I don’t like it. I believe I’ve learned how to play on clay and build my points in a different way. The fact that I played in Argentina and Brazil, instead of hard court, as well as my last year’s experience here, helped me improve my game,” said Kecmanovic.

As a part of his plan of becoming a better clay player, Kecmanovic plans to play a lot this clay season. “I’ll play almost all tournaments on clay: Munich, Madrid, Rome and Roland-Garros. When it comes to my expectations, I didn’t win any matches last year and everything better than that is already a success.

It is important to continue in the same way, play well and the results will most certainly come,” Kecmanovic concluded.

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