Auger-Aliassime: "Here's how Toni Nadal is working with me"

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Auger-Aliassime: "Here's how Toni Nadal is working with me"

The Canadian tennis player Felix Auger-Aliassime, in an interview he gave to the Eurosport television broadcaster, talked about various aspects of his tennis, especially what his coach Toni Nadal has been transmitting to him since they started the collaboration together.

He explained: "Last year I didn't have the most incredible season on clay in terms of results. So, this year, it's just an opportunity for me to try to do things better, try to improve on this surface, try to win more games.

So this is what I am trying to do. All this starts with training, it starts in the work I put in every day and Toni helps me a lot in this, with his inputs and you know, let's talk about the games, let's talk about my game and how I should approach matches and competitions.

So, it was a great help."

Auger-Aliassime: "Here's how Toni Nadal is working with me"

About the work he is doing with Rafa's uncle: "Of course, we've been together for over a year where we've been working, so yeah, things are going well.

We have good and bad weeks, but in the end, the work is great and we are moving in the right direction." The question is inevitable if there is an affinity with the workouts that Toni did to his nephew Rafa when he was training him: "I'm not Rafael, we have different qualities, it's difficult to replicate what Rafael has done in his career on clay.

So you know, I'm more of a hardcourt player, but I also play well on grass. Toni Nadal has adapted to the player he is working with. I don't think he's getting close to that kind of tennis, like he wants me to play like his nephew, I think that would be wrong.

But in any case he has a great knowledge of tennis and knows a lot, so he is able to help me." Speaking of Rafael Nadal, the Canadian will make his debut tomorrow in the 500 in Barcelona against Taberner in the field that takes the name of the twenty-one time Slam winner.

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