Lesia Tsurenko knows 'few WTA Russian players' that support Russia's attacks

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Lesia Tsurenko knows 'few WTA Russian players' that support Russia's attacks

Ukrainian tennis player Lesia Tsurenko has said she knows "a few Russian WTA players" that support Russia's actions in Ukraine and admitted she is afraid there are more of them who support Russia's invasion. In an interview with Tribuna, Tsurenko revealed she was contemplating to boycott her matches versus Russian and Belarusian opponents but ultimately decided against going that route.

"I don't know what will happen next if I get someone in the draw, who, as I know, supports (Russia's actions). I will act according to the situation. I don't know exactly which (Russian WTA players) supports and who doesn't.

I know a few players who support it, but I'm afraid to find out there are more a lot of them. I'm really afraid. It will be unpleasant, a huge moral blow for me personally," Tsurenko told Tribuna.

Tsurenko: Russian players are discussing the Wimbledon ban

On Wednesday, Wimbledon announced Russian and Belarusian players won't be allowed to compete at the tournament this year.

On the same day, Ukrainian tennis players shared a message in which they requested the ATP and WTA to demand Russian and Belarusian players make their position on the war clear. Tsurenko played in Istanbul this week, where she reached the round-of-16 as a qualifier.

"I'm at the tournament now, I haven't seen or heard any reaction yet. I know they are discussing Wimbledon's decision now, which worries them. I do not see any concern because of our posts," Tsurenko added. "Although I hope our position, our courage to speak out will help someone in the future.

That people do not agree with criminal regimes, dictators. "We have to do it. As tennis players, we can win for Ukraine, help financially, represent the interests of Ukrainians in tournaments, receive maximum assistance from the organizers. "I am not a warrior, but my weapon is a racket and a word. This is the weapon I use."

Lesia Tsurenko