Diego Schwartzman reveals how he wants to be remembered

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Diego Schwartzman reveals how he wants to be remembered

Argentine tennis star Diego Schwartzman hopes he won't experience a major decline in his game and that he will be able to walk away from the game in style. Schwartzman, who will turn 30 this August, is still one of the best players on the tour as he is ranked at No.

15 in the woorld. In an interview with Punto de Break, Schwartzman was asked how he would like to be remembered. "How I've been doing it. Hopefully I can continue playing like this until I retire, hopefully I can retire playing at a high level and competing, that was always my dream.

That the day I have to finish, whenever it is, that there is no big decline in my level, that I don't have to retire because of that or because of an injury," Schwartzman told Punto de Break.

Schwartzman happy with his career

Schwartzman is a four-time ATP champion and he has been ranked at No.

8 in the world. Also, Schwartzman reached the French Open semifinal in 2020 and he was twice an US Open quarterfinalist. "I've already accomplished many, I don't know if I should ask for more. The only thing is, keep everything I've been doing and enjoy everything I've achieved," Schwartzman said.

Schwartzman, who turned professional in 2010, named some of the things needed in order to become a pro. "The first thing being willing to sacrifice, accepting that one will have to train a lot and be away from home for a long time.

Second, surround yourself with a good team, this is essential, especially being South American because we spend much more time away. And finally, being a good person, this is what makes you listen to others," Schwartzman explained.

Also, Schwartzman answered what tennis means to him. "It is a big part of my life, it gave me many things, almost all of them very good. I enjoy it every day, more and more, that's the important thing," Schwartzman said.

Diego Schwartzman