Maria Sakkari, Paula Badosa and Ons Jabeur speak extremely highly of Iga Swiatek

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Maria Sakkari, Paula Badosa and Ons Jabeur speak extremely highly of Iga Swiatek

Iga Swiatek is the new world No.1 in women's game but her tennis isn't the only impressive thing about her - fellow colleagues absolutely love the Pole and her personality. Maria Sakkari, Paula Badosa and Ons Jabeur all think Swiatek is a very kind and generous person, who also happens to be a great tennis player.

“You can tell she’s a very, very nice girl, she’s a very good person; you can tell from her eyes, and from her aura and everything,” Sakkari said of Swiatek, per Eurosport. “I’m pretty sure she likes ‘Stranger Things’ right? I could tell she has that kind of, not superpower, but something different.

Like the character ‘Eleven’. Maybe it’s the short hair as well. I don’t know, she has something. “Obviously she’s been having great results since Doha and she deserves it. I’ve been telling you guys that she has been doing the right things.

You don’t win four tournaments in a row if you don’t deserve it and it’s exciting”.

Badosa: Swiatek is an outstanding player and a great person

While describing Swiatek's tennis qualities, Badosa said the Pole "has special hands, she has the magic."

“From the middle she opens the court very easily. She moves amazing. So yeah, she has everything to be world No.1. She totally deserves it. And I'm even more happy, because she's a humble person and she's very normal.

That's sometimes is tough to see. It's nice," Badosa added. Ons Jabeur, who became the first Arab women to break into the top-10, called Swiatek an inspiration. “She deserves to be here, it didn’t happen just over a day.

Whether we want it or not, she’s an inspiration to a lot of players, me included. I hope I can achieve that level because I don’t know what she’s doing right now but what she’s doing is right. I hope she can continue that way but not against me,” Jabeur said.