Andrey Rublev identifies main reasons for Carlos Alcaraz's success at young age


Andrey Rublev identifies main reasons for Carlos Alcaraz's success at young age

Russian tennis star Andrey Rublev thinks Carlos Alcaraz is a perfect example of what happens when someone is talented and absolutely loves tennis. Alcaraz is widely considered as one of the most talented players on the Tour and someone who could easily win multiple Grand Slams and reach the world No.

1 ranking. Just like his idol Rafael Nadal, Alcaraz is all about hard work and giving his absolute best. Rublev and Alcaraz have yet to meet in an ATP match. "He has made everything perfect at the right time. The first thing is the enormous talent of him.

The second thing is that he really loves tennis, playing, working, not what he can get from tennis, that doesn't matter to him, and you can easily see that," Rublev told El Mundo, as revealed by Sportskeeda.

Rublev on the importance of having a good relationship with coach

Alcaraz works with former Grand Slam champion Juan Carlos Ferrero.

Rublev, 24, has been working with Fernando Vicente for five years now. Both Rublev and Alcaraz seem to have a found a long-term solution at the coaching position. "Yes, it's similar, but Carlos started with Ferrero when he was 14 or 15 years old; In my case, I started with 19.

I have a great connection with Fernando, on and off the court, and I can't imagine myself with another coach. It took me three or four seasons to get to the level where I am now," Rublev said. "It has taken him a similar amount of time to be where he is, but he started working properly long before I did.

I repeat, he has done everything when he had to do it and has all the virtues outlined. That's why he's so good already now." Meanwhile, Rublev kicked off his Madrid campaign with a three-set win over Jack Draper.

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