Nick Kyrgios SHOCK: "I was cutting myself, I had a very difficult time"

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Nick Kyrgios SHOCK: "I was cutting myself, I had a very difficult time"

Nick Kyrgios is always talked about and not just for what he does on thecourt. The Australian tennis player gave an interview to Wide World of Sports and told several anecdotes about his career. Kyrgios, in particular, is back on a difficult time that came about two years ago.

The Australian tennis player talked about many topics, here are his interviews: "In 2019 I experienced a very serious and really worrying moment. At some point I suffered from self-harm, the people around me worried about me, but I isolated myself from everyone.

I didn't listen to anyone and I abused alcohol and drugs, it was a difficult time. Fortunately, I'm fine now, I don't drink as much as I used to and I tend to drink at most one glass of wine at dinner. I have much healthier habits, I tend to train a little more, I eat a good diet and I have to say that the pandemic has helped me in a way!" The criticisms of social media? It is not easy to face them, opening Instagram or Twitter and seeing several negative comments or insults is not nice.

One tries not to listen to insults, but they get into your brain and it's not easy. It's complicated."

Nick Kyrgios SHOCK: "I was cutting myself, I had a very difficult time"

Then Kyrgios spoke of the criticisms received from the tennis world: "At one point they treated me like a madman and didn't respect me, I felt useless and I hated my whole life.

I cut myself and went through one of the darkest moments of my life. Fortunately, what does not kill strengthens." Kyrgios has received several criticisms in the circuit, one of the many to criticize him recently was Mats Wilander.

Here are his words: "I think it's a horrible thing. I think breaking a racket on a tennis court is a low-level gesture, because most people can't afford to buy one. Lleyton Hewitt told me that children in Australia are starting to buy themselves like Kyrgios.

I'm not saying they throw rackets on every occasion, but they often send the ball off the court like Kyrgios. This is serious enough. Nick is very talented, but he doesn't use his head. He never uses his feet when he hits the ball, but many guys admire him. I think it's atrocious."

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