Todd Woodbridge opens on what he finds impressive about Emma Raducanu

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Todd Woodbridge opens on what he finds impressive about Emma Raducanu

Australian tennis legend Todd Woodbridge called Emma Raducanu an intelligent individual and added it's impressive how she has handled all the negativaty that has been surrounding her over the last few months. Raducanu, 19, made tennis history when she became the first qualifier ever to win a Grand Slam at the US Open.

After winning the US Open, Raducanu struggled with her game and results and some went as far as to already label her as "one-hit wonder." “What has stood out though are some real positives in the way she’s handled herself by being thrust into such a huge limelight,” Woodbridge told the official Australian Open website.

“Coming out and not being able to perform at that same level as winning a US Open, and still being able to cope with the disappointment of that, and the negativity from naysayers… I’ve been impressed about how she’s been able to go, okay, I am a work in progress, and I understand that what happened to me was brilliant, but I understand that I’m still emerging and everyone else has to understand that with me."

Woodbridge: Raducanu was thrown in a difficult environment

Raducanu went from a promising teenager to a tennis superstar. Winning a Grand Slam at the age of 18 was a massive achievement for Raducanu but nothing everything was perfect about it.

“It’s a really tough environment to be growing up in front of cameras, with everyone like us here having a discussion about her. I think she’s handled that as well as anybody that I’ve seen," Woodbridge added.

“She’s intelligent, she seems to be resilient, and she has this realisation that there is no need to panic about her results in the first few months following the US Open. More than likely, she’s going to drop back out of the rankings come the (2022) US Open, but that will be a moment where she’s actually, I think, ready to then go again”.