Max Eisenbud reveals what stood out when he first watched Maria Sharapova practice

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Max Eisenbud reveals what stood out when he first watched Maria Sharapova practice

Maria Sharapova's agent Max Eisenbud reveals he was blown away by Sharapova's intensity when he first time watched the Russian practice. Sharapova, who moved from Russia to Florida when she was very young, was a talent who was predicted a huge career.

Sharapova went on to have a big career as she became a Grand Slam champion at the age of 17 and reached the world No. 1 ranking at 18. "I can remember watching her practice the first day I saw her," Eisenbud said on The Functional Tennis Podcast, per Sportskeeda.

"I've never seen that intensity, 45 minutes of the ball never hitting the net, and I was just blown away, this girl was so skinny and intense."

Eisenbud has been there for Sharapova since Day 1

Eisenbud has been Sharapova's agent for over two decades and it didn't take him long to build trust with the Sharapova family.

"They (Sharapova's family) were having some visa issues and different things, I was just there in the right time. I got to know them, build a relationship with her father, start playing tennis with her. After 6 months, they were really relying on me, and the rest is history, and I'm still her manager to this day," Eisenbud said.

Once it became clear Sharapova was a stunning talent, her parents did everything they could to give her the best possible chance to succeed. "Maria's dad was the most amazing and I would call him the gold standard of developing a young player.

Maria never practiced 6-8 hours a day. He demanded short practices that were intense and I believe in that. Especially when you're young and you're growing. Like, no one needs to be playing six hours of tennis a day. I think that every practice had a purpose.

There was something that they were working on, that he would articulate that day, a purpose, a reason why, and it was always intense," Eisenbud said.