Jannik Sinner: "I wish I was Roger Federer for a day"

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Jannik Sinner: "I wish I was Roger Federer for a day"

Jannik Sinner talked about himself in Eurosport's Players voice column, before the start of the Master 1000 in Rome, but he also talk about Roger Federer. He said: "I would like to grow physically and mentally, where I know I have a lot of margin.

At this age you cannot be complete. Then there is the most important part of all to work on: tennis." The Italian player immediately, aware of his own means and on the level it could reach with hard training, then confessed: "If I could wake up and be another tennis player for a day, I would like to be Roger Federer.

He can do everything. He has all the solutions in the world on the pitch. My goal is to become a slightly different player, to become more full. He doesn't mean you'll see me serve and volley or just slice; but in the game, if it were needed, I would like to be able to find myself in the situation of being ready, of being able to rely on such solutions as well.

I want to become more complete, that's what I would like to be at the end of the year in my growth perspective, more than the numbers."

Jannik Sinner: "I wish I was Roger Federer for a day"

He also would like to underlining: "It's all different now.

Two years ago, when I came to tournaments, I still didn't know anyone. I didn't know what was going to happen, what the crowd would be like, how my opponent would play. When you start, you never have the confidence to have the level to stay there.

Now the situation is different. I know that my growth has been sudden and I know very well that my opponents now know me, they study me, they know my tactics and my strengths. I am aware that I am playing with everyone." On life off the court: "There are many messages, it is impossible to keep up with everything and too much energy is lost.

The same thing goes for social media, which I'm trying to limit a bit. They are important, they must exist, it is clear that they are an integral part of the life of a sportsman, but spending too much time really costs mental energy. And in tennis they are everything."