Iga Swiatek's psychologist: We wanted Iga to be prepared to manage success properly

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Iga Swiatek's psychologist: We wanted Iga to be prepared to manage success properly

Sports psychologist Daria Abramowicz is thrilled to see Iga Swiatek enjoying a major success on the WTA Tour and that she has been able to help the Pole become a mentally strong individual. Swiatek is just 20 but she has already established herself as a dominant force and the new face on the women's game.

Swiatek was a star even before this season but in 2022 she has taken her game to a completely new level. Swiatek has won her last 28 matches and will be aiming to win her sixth consecutive title at the French Open. Swiatek regularly talks with Abramowicz and her decision to appoint a sports psychologist has been paying off massively.

Abramowicz gets a lot of attention to as many believe she has played a major part in the Pole's success. Abramowicz always believed Swiatek would become a major star and she was doing her best to have the Pole prepared once that moment came.

Abramowicz: I'm proud of Swiatek

“We tried really, really hard, even before Roland Garros 2020, to prepare Iga,” Abramowicz told the PA news agency. “We as a team and obviously Iga herself put in all the work to be able to manage success properly when it comes.

“And I don’t say ‘if’ because, if we have goals, and we are working to achieve these goals, we are using this mindset, ‘OK, we will achieve them, so what’s next?’ “Definitely she didn’t surprise me.

I’m so proud of her that she’s using all the tools that she’s been learning these last three years. I really am fortunate to witness how she uses these tools, how she uses the proper attitude and how she manages the challenges.

“There are huge challenges and I sense that it’s just the beginning. It’s a lot of career before her and there will be many, many more and we will be working hard trying to manage them well. “Creating and managing a healthy and sustainable career nowadays, especially in the era of social media and mobile devices and other pressures, it’s something that’s a great challenge for almost everyone in high performance sport”.