Emma Raducanu: People might look at me like I'm crazy but I trust in my decisions

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Emma Raducanu: People might look at me like I'm crazy but I trust in my decisions

British tennis star Emma Raducanu says she is confident in her decision even though they might seem as odd to others. After winning the US Open, Raducanu decided to split with her coach Andrew Richardson. Then, Raducanu hired renowned tennis coach Torben Beltz for the 2022 season.

After just five months, Raducanu decided to end their collaboration. "That is definitely a journey [where] I’m learning on the way but it’s just what works for me as an individual. It might not work for anyone else and people might look at me like I’m crazy but I trust my own decision-making and my own beliefs of what I think is right for myself.

I’m pretty confident in how I’m working and my mindset and outlook towards how I’m approaching my tennis right," Raducanu told the WSJ magazine.

Raducanu: I need to get better at relaxing

Besides training and practices, Raducanu also has off the court responsibilites because of sponsorship and endorsement deals.

Raducanu's schedule is pretty loaded and she thinks she needs to learn how to properly relax when she has some time off. "I probably need to get better at relaxing because I don’t really set aside anytime for myself but I definitely enjoy taking a bath with Epsom salts after a long day of training," Raducanu said.

"Especially if you’ve trained a lot, [it feels like] you really deserved it. The problem is getting out of it. I just turn into a shriveled prune because I can’t be bothered to leave because I’m so comfortable."

Raducanu revealed yoga is one of her ways of relaxing. "I do yoga because I think it’s important to keep the flexibility, because we get into all sorts of positions on the tennis court," Raducanu said. "I think yoga is so calming and it’s one of those activities I do that I get completely lost when I’m doing it."