Marta Kostyuk: "Russian tennis players should..."

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Marta Kostyuk: "Russian tennis players should..."

The organizers of the Wimbledon tournament have decided to exclude Russian and Belarusian tennis players from the prestigious London Slam. The choice made by the Championships has aroused various and controversial reactions within the world of tennis.

The ATP and the WTA have sided against the decision taken by the organizers of Wimbledon and, in the last few hours, have postponed the decision on the sanctions to be passed against the tournament. The Association of Tennis Professionals, for the moment, has simply confirmed that this season the ATP events at Queen's and Eastbourne will proceed smoothly and will provide ATP points.

Marta Kostyuk, a young Ukrainian tennis star, went back to talking about the delicate topic and asked some questions to the Russian tennis players. She said to "Some Russian and Belarusian players have mentioned the war in several interviews, but they never specified that their countries started this by invading Ukraine."

Marta Kostyuk: "Russian tennis players should..."

Then she adde: "Therefore, we ask the ATP, the WTA and the ITF to ensure that Russian and Belarusian tennis players answer the following questions. Do you support the invasion of Russia and Belarus in Ukraine? Do you support the military activities of Russia and Belarus in Ukraine? Do you support the Putin and Lukashenko regimes? We call for the banning of Russian and Belarusian athletes from all competitions.

There comes a time when we must consider silence as a betrayal." Elina Svitolina also referred to the reactions of Russian tennis players and the silence of some colleagues: "Organizations should subject Russian and Belarusian athletes to three simple questions, in which they declare that they are opposed to the war and to the regimes of their countries.

In the event of no response, the right is excluded. Silence is complicity with the oppressors." The organizers of Wimbledon seemed willing to give Russian tennis players the opportunity to participate in the tournament thanks to a document to be signed; a document that would clarify their position. Even this hypothesis, however, was subsequently discarde: we will see what will happened in the next weeks.