Defending RG champion Barbora Krejcikova: I don't really expect much

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Defending RG champion Barbora Krejcikova: I don't really expect much

World No. 2 Barbora Krejcikova admits she doesn't expect much from this year's French Open but remains hopeful she could somehow find her game and do well. Krejcikova, who captured her maiden Grand Slam at the French Open last year, is set to play her first tournament after being sidelined for the past three months due to an arm injury.

"I don't really expect much," Krejcikova said, per the WTA Tour website. "I don't think expecting is something good for me. Expecting myself to do well after being injured for a long time, I don't really think that.

"But I think that I can be a good opponent. I think I can play well. And even after being injured, I think I had some time to recover and to practice, so I have been preparing for this. "So I believe when I start playing matches, I can be really dangerous again and I can do well here as well."

Krejcikova happy to be able to play the French Open

Krejcikova ended up missing almost the entire clay season and more time than she initially anticipated. However, she is grateful to be able to at least play the French Open.

"Last year nobody, not even me, nobody really expected that I'm gonna win in singles and doubles," Krejcikova said. "Being back here and being able to play and to play such a big tournament, such a big Grand Slam again, so many nice memories from last year."

Krejcikova enjoyed an outstanding 2021 season and she thinks playing lots of matches last year caught up to her at the start of this season. "I think it was just so many matches, and I felt at some point I need to rest," Krejcikova said.

"I mean, my body told me that I have to rest. "I was off for quite a long time. I didn't expect it, to be honest. But I'm healthy right now. So I'm looking forward to build up with matches and to get back to the form."