Elina Svitolina opens on support she has been receiving from Gael Monfils

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Elina Svitolina opens on support she has been receiving from Gael Monfils

Ukrainian tennis star Elina Svitolina says her husband Gael Monfils has been an outstanding support over the last three months. On February 24, Russia launched their invasion of Ukraine and the past few months haven't been easy for Svitolina or any other Ukrainian.

Svitolina, who tied the knot with Monfils last summer, is happy to have Monfils by her side as she says her husband has been absolutely understanding and supportive since Day 1. A week ago, Svitolina announced she and Monfils expect their first baby to be born this upcoming October.

Svitolina: Monfils has been a great support

“Gael has been here every step of the way, he is a huge support. Obviously he sees that I’m not in the best mood everyday, there are ups and downs so I’m really thankful for his support, I know it’s difficult for him to see me sad,” Svotlina told the Olympics website.

“I take strength from all the people who are there right now in Ukraine, I cannot imagine what they are going through, how mentally difficult it is. And I take what they do, how much strength and bravery they show – I take it as a huge motivation to wake up every day and do something for people who are in need, to do something that can help people.

“Right now we’re helping kids who are playing tennis, the goal is to give them a chance to keep pursuing their tennis dreams. We give them the opportunity to continue training in Europe, my foundation is paying for their accommodation, food and training – it’s really important to give them a chance to keep dreaming and keep playing the sport they love”.

Meanwhile, both Svitolina and Monfils are skipping the French Open. Svitolina hasn't played since March, while Monfils is dealing with an injury.