Chris Evert weighs in on Emma Raducanu's constant coaching change

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Chris Evert weighs in on Emma Raducanu's constant coaching change

18-time Grand Slam champion Chris Evert thinks it is very confusing what Emma Raducanu is doing but added she expects the 19-year-old to eventually find and settle with one coach. After Wimbledon, Raducanu split with Nigel Sears and added Andrew Richardson.

Even though Raducanu won the US Open, she decided against continuing her partnership with Richardson. Raducanu added Torben Beltz before the 2022 season but split with the coach last month. “Everybody’s goal and everybody’s dream is to find that right person who can be your coach.

Obviously [Raducanu] has not found the right person, it’s very radical what she is doing. She has three or four people that are helping her. For me, that would be very confusing," Evert said, per Tennishead.

Evert: Raducanu will eventually settle with one coacj

“It is whatever works for her, I cannot make any judgements.

But I do think at some point she will have one coach. Because I think she will figure it out that it is easier mentally, emotionally and physically just to have one person that you can really trust, answer to, and collaborate with," Evert added.

Raducanu has heard all the talk regarding her constant coaching changes and she decided to react. "That is definitely a journey [where] I’m learning on the way but it’s just what works for me as an individual.

It might not work for anyone else and people might look at me like I’m crazy but I trust my own decision-making and my own beliefs of what I think is right for myself. I’m pretty confident in how I’m working and my mindset and outlook towards how I’m approaching my tennis right," Raducanu told the WSJ magazine.

Meanwhile, Raducanu's first clay season is officially over. Raducanu defeated Linda Noskova to clinch her first Grand Slam victory, before losing to Aliaksandra Sasnovich in the second round.