Patrick Mouratoglou: "Holger Rune and Carlos Alcaraz are similar"

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Patrick Mouratoglou: "Holger Rune and Carlos Alcaraz are similar"

Holger Rune was the biggest surprise of the Roland Garros round of 16. The young Danish tennis player overtook the finalist of the last edition Stefanos Tsitsipas in four sets, unleashing a capital performance. There was a lot of praise for the 18-year-old, including the famous tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou who posted a video on his official instagram channel to praise his performance.

He said: "I also think the clay suits him well, he's strong. He has the physical capabilities. He hits the ball hard. He is good in defense and offense. He has a very complete game. He can hit hard on both sides and he moves well, he covers the court well.

I think his quality number one and that number two is the ability to believe in himself and to be competitive. He is not afraid of anyone, he believes he can beat anyone, like Carlos Alcaraz. And he is succeeding because he is beating high level players."

Mouratoglou about Rune

In the video posted on his official instagram account, Mouratoglou also spoke of the time he met Rune when he was a teenager, explaining what had struck him ever since Mouratoglou explained: "The most important thing, namely the mentality, the competitiveness and the fact that he lived the dream of becoming a top player every single moment of the day, he already had this.

This is what caught my attention." Finally, the current coach of Simona Halep also spoke of the rise that the Dane has had since he was a boy: "He is one who has always been able to win. He was at the top in Europe under 14.

Then he won the Grand Slam as a junior and became number 1. Whatever he did, at any age, he was always on top. He had to deal with a lot of expectations, it is an experience that he lived very well. He was able to do all of this, so I think it's a very good sign."