Chris Evert shows his support for Jelena Dokic

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Chris Evert shows his support for Jelena Dokic

It is by no means an easy moment for former tennis player and former world number 4 Jelena Dokic. Her last months were not easy, the woman lived through the breakup of the story with her boyfriend and told about her childhood with psychological and physical harassment of her father.

Several people from the world of sport and tennis have launched messages, appeals and many meaningful words towards the tennis player. Among these, one of the most significant messages was that of former tennis player Chris Evert, who, commenting on Dokic's post, posted a tweet to support her.

Here are her words: "You are a strong woman! You have great love around you and support even from afar," the post ended with emojis of great affection.

The words of Dokic

Jelena Dokic's social post has had great media coverage, especially thinking about the mental health problem for tennis players.

Japanese champion Naomi Osaka has talked about this issue several times in the past and Dokic's post has brought it all back into vogue. The words of the former tennis player are undoubtedly very strong and resonate among fans.

Here are the words from her Instagram post: "April 28, 2022. At moments I would jump off my balcony on the 26th floor to take my own life. I will never forget that day. Everything is blurry, everything is dark. There is no sound, there is no image, nothing makes sense...only tears, sadness, depression, anxiety and pain.

The past six months have been tough. A continuous cry, everywhere. From hiding in the bathroom at work to wiping my tears so no one could see to when I was home within four walls, it had all become unbearable. Constant feelings of sadness and pain did not go away and my life was destroyed.

I blame myself, I don't think she deserves to be loved and I'm afraid. I know there are a lot of things I can be grateful for, but then I start hating myself because I feel this way and just want to get it over with.

It's a vicious circle in my head. I was really on the edge, I don't know how I did it later. Maybe being a professional helps, it saved my life. This is not easy to write, but I have always been open and honest and vulnerable with you and I firmly believe in the power to share our stories to go through these moments helping each other."