Berrettini: "Wimbledon? Between Djokovic and Nadal I would face..."

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Berrettini: "Wimbledon? Between Djokovic and Nadal I would face..."

Matteo Berrettini's race on the grass does not stop. The Italian number one continues to grind results on this surface, with only three defeats collected since 2019: against David Goffin, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

Of the 35 victories he has won throughout his career, eight have come this season, holding the unbeaten record for now: from the victory in Stuttgart to the Queen's final. An excellent dose of confidence for the blue ahead of Wimbledon, where he will have the task of defending the final lost last year against former number one, Djokovic.

Considering the results of last year and this season, Matteo Berrettini can only be considered one of the favorites for the final victory of the English Grand Slam tournament. A particularly difficult climb for him in this edition, given that he will not be the seventh seeded, as he was last year.

The chances of meeting a top 5, therefore, skyrocket: in particular, the risk of clashing against Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal before the final. For this reason, TennisBuzz asked the Italian number ten who he would prefer to face at Wimbledon between the two former world number ones.

Djokovic or Nadal? Berrettini's answer

Matteo Berrettini's first words in response about who he would prefer to face between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, explaining the differences between the two players on grass, especially the English one, are: "It's a difficult question.

The way I play Novak is harder to beat on grass. Obviously if you ask me who I prefer to face in Paris, I would say Novak, but it depends on the tournament. I'm not saying it will be easy to beat Rafa, but I think Novak it will be more difficult."

It was Novak Djokovic himself one of the two players who defeated Berrettini at Wimbledon, that is, in last year's final; the other executioner was Roger Federer, in the third round of the Grand Slam tournament.