Andy Murray open to playing mixed doubles with 'amazing' Emma Raducanu

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Andy Murray open to playing mixed doubles with 'amazing' Emma Raducanu

Former British No. 1 Andy Murray says he would like to play mixed doubles with Emma Raducanu as he feels the 19-year-old is going to be "amazing" for the game. Raducanu, who is now the biggest name in British tennis, made tennis history when she became the first qualifier to win a Grand Slam.

Several times over the past 12 months, Raducanu spoke about her desire to play mixed doubles with Murray at Wimbledon. “Yeah, I’d love to play with her. I love watching her play. I think she’s brilliant," Murray told British GQ Magazine.

“I think she’s going to be amazing for the sport. Not just in the UK, but especially in the UK. Actually, we had spoken last year about potentially playing mixed doubles at Wimbledon, and then both of us ended up doing well in the singles so we ended up not doing it.

But yeah, I would I would love to play with her”.

Murray open to teaming up with Raducanu

Murray and Raducanu likely won't play mixed doubles at this year's Wimbledon but teaming up with the 2021 US Open champion is something Murray definitely wants to do in the future.

“I don’t know. I’ve not spoken to her about it, but would depend on the singles,” Murray said. “Obviously, we both will be prioritising that and hopefully having a good run there. And if that’s the case, then that will be our priority.

But yeah, if we both didn’t do well, then maybe. At some stage in the future I would certainly love to. I think it’d be great fun”. Murray is a two-time Wimbledon champion and he felt extremely relieved after winning his first title at The Championships in 2013.

Now, Raducanu is the face of British tennis and it is not a secret that the locals expect her to win Wimbledon.