Gilles Cervara: "Coaching? Finally, enough hypocrisy"

ATP has decided to open the doors of the ATP Tour to coaching

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Gilles Cervara: "Coaching? Finally, enough hypocrisy"

ATP has decided to open the doors of the ATP Tour to coaching. After the Wimbledon tournament, in fact, the first experimental phase will begin and the coaches will be able to communicate with their respective players following some rules.

First of all, they will not have to leave their seats and will have the opportunity to speak with the athletes only when the latter are present in the same part of the field. Non-verbal coaching, on the other hand, will be allowed at any time.

After years of consultations and controversies, therefore, the rules are changed.

Gilles Cervara on coaching: "Enough hypocrisy"

Gilles Cervara, current coach of Daniil Medvedev, expressed his point of view on the decision made by the ATP in an interview with Tennis Majors.

He explained: "I am quite in favor, especially to put an end to this hypocrisy that circulates in the environment and to the lack of consistency with the sanctions launched against the coaches. Sometimes the chair judge does not dare; while on certain occasions he decides to punish the coach.

coach for less flashy coaching. Then there are coaches who get fined just for saying 'Come on! 'during the match. It was not a well-regulated situation. We have been waiting for the announcement for a while. The decision was made after consulting with several coaches.

I pointed out to them that we had to put an end to this hypocrisy, as all coaches at some point do coaching, both with words and with gestures. I think it will change little, considering that the regulation will not allow for a peaceful dialogue, as happens during training.

Verbal and non-verbal coaching? Both types cannot always be implemented. On large fields, for example, the pits are far away and the coaches are inaudible. So the solution is to use codes: gestures or simple movements. It's about getting a message across in a second, so you must have studied it very well," concluded Gilles Cervara.

Gilles Cervara