Agent: Commercial opportunities are not to blame for Emma Raducanu's results

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Agent: Commercial opportunities are not to blame for Emma Raducanu's results

Agent Max Eisenbud insists commercial shoots and sponsorship commitments are not to blame for Emma Raducanu's results in 2022. After winning the US Open, Raducanu quickly became one of the most marketable tennis athletes.

Since then, Raducanu has become the face of some of the world's leading brands. "It's been a tough year. I think she got a lot of bad luck and what really hurt her was [catching] Covid and not having a great off-season, and then she was playing catch up," Eisenbud said on the BBC’s Sports Desk podcast, per Eurosport.

"But I think that if she had zero shoot dates, everything would be the same. I know from the outside, you guys want to look at all those things - but if she locked herself in the room for the whole year and didn't do anything, I think it would be the same."

Eisenbud: There is so much commercial interest in Raducanu

Since her US Open triumph, Raducanu has landed several sponsorship and endorsement deals.

"We could have done 50 days of shoots. I've never seen the amount of excitement and companies that wanted to be in business with Emma after the US Open,” Eisenbud said. Meanwhile, Raducanu hasn't had a great year on the court.

Raducanu has been struggling with her results all season long and staying healthy has also been a struggle for her. Raducanu kicked off her grass season three weeks ago in Nottingham, where she sustained a side injury in the opening game of her first round match.

After seven games, Raducanu decided to retire the match. Raducanu then pulled out of last week's WTA event in Birmingham and also decided against playing in Eastbourne this week. After taking some time to recover from a side injury, Raducanu is set to compete at Wimbledon. In the Wimbledon first round, Raducanu faces Alison van Uytvanck.