Nick Kyrgios: "I made the Top 10 best players look normal"

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Nick Kyrgios: "I made the Top 10 best players look normal"

Around Nick Kyrgios there is a lot of curiosity about how he will behave in the 2022 edition of Wimbledon. In every tournament he participates he must be regarded as a dangerous tennis player and possible protagonist. Semifinal in Stuttgart and Halle among the last outings of the season on erb, results that make the Australian a very uncomfortable customer for any athlete who will face him.

The 27-year-old showed up at the press conference before his official tournament debut, showing his desire to do well: He said: "I'm super excited to be here. I played tennis very well on this surface, I feel good.

Mentally I feel prepared. When I was young, I never thought I would play more than 30 Grand Slams. I am very proud to be back." Then he described the current situation on a physical level: "In Mallorca I had to retire because I felt tired.

There are no points in these weeks, but I want to stand out. I don't want to be the kind of tennis player who plays all year round. Living in Australia, it is difficult to find the balance between spending time with family and friends and having a normal lifestyle.

I don't even want to spend seven or eight months there. It's not something that interests me, I don't chase the rankings."

Nick Kyrgios on the top-10 best players

The Australian then added: "I played with the top 10 tennis players and made them look pretty normal.

I know if I feel confident I can do well anytime I want. If I had realized this early in my career, maybe my career would be been different. The key is to sleep well to make sure your body is in good shape. I am aware that if I serve and play well, I can beat anyone.

I have to concentrate on the first few rounds, make sure I do it as quickly as possible." Kyrgios also praised Andy Murray during the conference: "He is one of the most dangerous players on the grass. I think he can handle everything if his body is fine. I absolutely don't want to see him on this surface."