Iga Swiatek: "Serena Williams is a legend"

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Iga Swiatek: "Serena Williams is a legend"

Iga Swiatek is now the absolute ruler of the WTA Tour and she can only be the number one suspect to the final success also at Wimbledon. The Polish tennis player is not known to be a grass player, but her superiority in the last year and her 35-game unbeaten run suggest that it won't be easy to beat her even in the British Slam.

In the press conference of the Championships, Swiatek revealed her feelings ahead of the English Major and commented on the return of Serena Williams. The world number one expressed her admiration for the 23-time Slam champion: "When I saw her, I was quite overwhelmed.

I didn't know how to react perfectly. It was pretty weird. So I came back to myself, a few years ago, when I was too shy to even say a simple hello to someone. But I feel that just seeing her around is fantastic, because she is a real legend.

There is no one who has done so much in tennis."

Iga about Wimbledon

The Polish tennis player, given the retirement of the reigning champion Ashleigh Barty, will open the program of the Center Court on Tuesday. "I know there have been discussions about who should open the tournament and I feel very privileged to have been chosen.

It's a great thing for me. I feel privileged and above all proud of myself. I hope it's a good show," said the Roland Garros winner. Four years have already passed since his debut at Wimbledon: "Still, four years is not a long time.

But it was probably the most important time in my career when it comes to developing, researching my game and learning new things on the court. It feels like a different world, honestly. A lot has happened since then. I am happy to have managed to reach all the stages of my journey and not to have stopped in any of them."

Swiatek also talked about the short hiatus after the Roland Garros victory. She explained: "It was difficult to relax and do nothing, because I felt the adrenaline was high. I couldn't lie down and do nothing after such an intense period. But I didn't have to worry about eating well or sleeping well, so it was great."