Dan Evans shares thoughts after disappointing Wimbledon exit

Evans' Wimbledon campaign ended with a surprise loss to Jason Kubler.

by Dzevad Mesic
Dan Evans shares thoughts after disappointing Wimbledon exit

British tennis player Dan Evans said he didn't feel like he was "missing out" on the British party at Wimbledon after suffering a surprise loss in the first round. A total of nine British players reached the Wimbledon second round, the most since 1997.

Evans, who is the second top-ranked British male player and who was the 28th seed at Wimbledon, suffered a surprise loss as lucky loser Jason Kubler ousted the Briton 6-1 6-4 6-3. After the match, Evans was asked if he felt he was missing out on a British party at The Championships.

“No, no. I can have a party on my own," Evans said, as quoted on Tennis365. “I was just saying to the people with me, it’s sport, isn’t it? Some days you don’t have a good day. That’s why they roll the balls out.

If it was done on rankings, there would be no tournament. That’s what it is. It hurts, but you always want to do well here. I’ve done well here in the past. But the facts are I lost and he was too good."

Evans hoping to bounce back in his next tournament

Evans admitted he was disappointed and hurt by the early loss at Wimbledon but acknowledged there will be many more opportunities for him in the rest of the season to make great results.

“I’ll be moving on pretty swiftly. The beauty of this game is there’s another chance just around the corner," Evans added. “Yeah, as I said, it hurts. I’m a big boy now. There will be plenty more chances.

Although you guys think this is the two weeks, there’s three other slams, there’s 30 other tournaments in the year I’ll play. These things will happen. That’s what happens. Again, it’s disappointing, it’s frustrating, it hurts.

It’s not nice to have a fiancee, coach, all them lose as well. It’s not just me. It’s a team effort”.

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