Marian Vajda: "I want Novak Djokovic winner of Wimbledon"

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Marian Vajda: "I want Novak Djokovic winner of Wimbledon"

Marian Vajda and Novak Djokovic have decided to separate their paths. The decision was made during the ATP Finals in Turin, but was only announced months after the beginning of 2022 due to the affair that occurred in Australia involving the Serbian tennis player.

The former world number one has chosen not to add any staff members, with Ivanisevic as the main coach; Vajda, on the other hand, has embarked on a new professional relationship with Alex Molcan, a Slovenian tennis player.

In an interview with Sasa Ozmo of Tennis Majors, the Czechoslovakian coach spoke about the relationship with his former player: "We stay in touch, we communicate and we send messages. Our relationship is still very good." A bond that continues to the point of supporting him also at Wimbledon.

Vajda, who went on to talk about the expectations he has on Djokovic in London, explained: "I always support him and I want him to win Wimbledon. Overall, he's fine, this is the best surface for him. I think he has a good scoreboard.

Perhaps his performance in the first round was not exceptional, but as the games go by he improves his tennis."

The confrontation in Paris

Vajda's past and present faced off in Paris, in the second round of Roland Garros: it was Djokovic who imposed himself on Molcan in three sets: "It was very strange in Paris, being in the opposing area.

It was a terrible feeling, I have to be honest. I felt so bad, Novak felt very bad too. After the game, I texted him saying: Congratulations! He played an excellent game. It was very kind of him to give me some tips on how to improve Alex's game.

He helped me understand Alex's game better." Djokovic's road to the French Open ended when he met Nadal in the quarterfinals: " thought he would do well in Paris, but that match against Rafa was tough. Rafa showed the best tennis of him and Novak did not have the answer.

I think Rafa found the gap in Novak's right, he had many winners on that side." This is how Marian Vajda commented on the match between the two Slam champions.