Giller Muller: "Roger Federer is the best ever"

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Giller Muller: "Roger Federer is the best ever"

The rivalry between Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic continues without hesitation. The three tennis players are athletes who have made the history of this sport and still today, especially the last two, continue to dominate unchallenged.

Rafa Nadal won both the Australian Open and the Roland Garros this year, returning after a long hiatus, while former world number one Novak Djokovic is the main favorite for the Wimbledon victory. Former world number 21 Gilles Muller talked about this eternal challenge and confirmed that for him Roger Federer is the strongest tennis player of all time.

For Muller Roger was the tennis player who took tennis to a whole new level, both as a sport and as a style. Currently the Grand Three fight between the Big Three sees Rafa in command at 22 Slam and immediately behind Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic at 20: the Serbian champion has the great opportunity to approach Rafa and in these minutes he is facing the British tennis player Cameron Norrie.

Muller on the fight of the Big Three

Speaking to the microphones of Sport Klub Gilles Muller spoke about the challenge between the Big Three and made quite clear statements: "If we look at the number of Grand Slam titles, now the best is Rafa.

To be honest, however, for me Roger Federer comes before anyone else. I think he has elevated tennis to a higher level, he has made the sport more popular and if the prize pools are so high now, they owe it mostly to Roger.

His playing was spectacular, the best of all and every hit was gorgeous, Roger makes every hit easier. In the end, however, barring unexpected things, I think he will be the player with the most Grand Slam titles in the history of this sport.

He is the most intact and I think he will be able to play for several more years." Over the course of his career Gilles Muller and Roger Federer are challenged on five occasions and it has always been the Swiss who prevailed. Muller won an epic match against Rafael Nadal just at Wimbledon.