Berrettini's mental coach: "We cried together after Wimbledon"

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Berrettini's mental coach: "We cried together after Wimbledon"

In addition to being a high level player and an exemplary professional, Matteo Berrettini is an extremely sensitive boy, careful to live his emotions correctly. The Roman tennis player had face numerous difficult moments during his young career due to injuries, which is why he has learned to take these stops as an asset rather than a curse.

This approach to life, however, would not have been able to do it without the help of an expert like Stefano Massari, who follows the blue champion off-court as a mental coach. Motivator in the I Tennis Foundation project, Massari described to journalists how Berrettini experienced the last big burn, namely the flat rate at Wimbledon due to the Coronavirus: "First I bought a lot of Kleenex because we cried a lot together," confessed the mental coach.

"He had said: I am heartbroken, in those days and, indeed, it was so, he had it. For the Wimbledon organization he could have played, but he decided to declare his positivity out of respect for his opponents, the ball boys.

As he is, he could not have chosen otherwise."

Massari: "In Matteo there is a great desire for revenge"

During the explanation of him, Matteo Berrettini's mental coach, Stefano Massari, highlighted the work that the blue player had to do to learn how to get the best out of the forced break periods: "He has learned over the years to live the time of injuries not as a sentence, but as a time when he can do things that when he's fine, and so he's caught up in tournaments, he can't do.

So, he is with people he can't see if he has to play, or he calls his grandmother, the Brazilian one in particular, who is an extraordinary person, just like his grandfather. He watches movies, he reads books, that is, he uses that time as a wealth and not as a sentence and this certainly helps him.

The world is only interested in him winning, the two of us are not and we have to remember this otherwise he is not that he would stop winning, but he would certainly be less happy. The desire for revenge is very strong in Matteo and as soon as he is really well physically he will express himself at his level. We definitely believe he is among the top ten players in the world ."