'Carlos Alcaraz can improve some aspects that...', says trainer

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'Carlos Alcaraz can improve some aspects that...', says trainer

Carlos Alcaraz's first great difficulties in the 2022 season were probably presented on the European clay, before the American one. The Spaniard, before these tournaments undefeated in the challenges that awarded an ATP title, lost two consecutive finals against two Italian tennis players, who have practically become his worst nightmare: In Hamburg, Lorenzo Musetti, with a great performance, was able to crush all the certainties of the 19-year-old; seven days later, on the clay of Umag and in front of many Italian fans, Jannik Sinner was able to courageously overcome the number 2 in the Race to the Nitto ATP Finals, who once again had to settle for second place.

Valuable points, but the realization that something had gotten stuck in the final acts of the competition. In the last match played by the Iberian in Croatia, a particular fact caught the attention of many fans: in the course of the battle, the Italian conceded break point opportunities at the beginning of the second set, at the moment of maximum difficulty, and in the decisive third set (only one, well annulled).

After winning the tie-break, the Spaniard began to suffer from some physical exhaustion and in the first two service rounds the 20-year-old from San Cándido was unable to break, wasting no less than eight break chances.

An incredible number of chances for the world number 4, which he should have taken advantage of (at least once) to completely change the inertia of his side. The resistance allowed Sinner to stay on the scoreboard and dominate the following games, without allowing the boy from Murcia to react.

A very interesting stat about Alcaraz has recently been published, which explains the strength and qualities that he has shown against all the tennis players throughout the season.

Lledo talks about Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz's physical trainer Alberto Lledo, speaking to Agencia EFE after the 19-year-old’s defeat to Sinner, tried to point out the reason behind the loss.

“I don't think Carlos [Alcaraz] is lacking in spark and what could have weighed him down in the lost final this Sunday against [Jannik] Sinner was on a mental level because he had a great first set and started the second the same, but losing six break points in a row affected him And there, without a doubt, was the key against a rival who was very good, displaying great tennis and very stable mentally,” Lledo said, via Eurosport.

“Carlos can improve some aspects that have to do with hip rotation and reaction speed, but he is a genetic and physical marvel and he adds a lot of work to that, because without effort it is not possible to be at the level that is required,” Lledo said.

“It is true that he has played many games this year, but not in so many tournaments. What happens is that he is advancing rounds and losing finals is one more experience and something that is part of the learning process in a boy who is still 19 years and that must not be forgotten."