Adriano Panatta: "Jannik Sinner's tennis doesn't excite me"

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Adriano Panatta: "Jannik Sinner's tennis doesn't excite me"
Adriano Panatta: "Jannik Sinner's tennis doesn't excite me"

Adriano Panatta, former Italian tennis player, in a recent interview explained why Jannik Sinner's tennis does not excite him, specifying however this is the opinion of a player of another tennis era. He told: "Sinner, forehand and backhand play them well, very well.

He has to learn to soften the ball, but he has time in front of him. But when I see him playing like Sunday against Alcaraz, two who shoot at two hundred and fifty hours from the baseline, it's a kind of game that isn't for me, but I'm old.

It's not that I don't like Sinner, quite the contrary. He is someone who has a first-rate head, he stays there even if he loses. He has the attributes. It's the kind of game I don't like, it doesn't excite me, they play at a crazy speed, it takes away the imagination, you don't have time to think, it's a faster and more violent game, less refined, maybe that's the refinement and I have a different concept.

I'm a dinosaur."

BPanatta expresses itself on Italian tennis

Panatta then had the opportunity to make a brief and quick interlude also on the other most prominent talents of Italian tennis, young or not so young. He explained: "Musetti has more solutions, he has a good hand.

As Fognini still has. Berrettini is classic, indeed classic-modern, serve-straight: he hurts when he shoots." The analysis of the Roland Garros winner then focused on the strength of the Italian number three Sinner to recover after Alcaraz canceled five match points: "Especially after failing 5 match points at the second set.nIt's a good sign, congratulations again." Italy in tennis is undoubtedly experiencing a golden moment and this is there for all to see.

Recently, on the Croatian soil of Umag, three Azzurri reached the semifinals and one of these, Jannik Sinner, won the tournament, beating Carlos Alcaraz in the final, who has no good relationship with the Italian players in terms of head to head.

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