Carlos Alcaraz: 'Juan Carlos Ferrero told me that...'

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Carlos Alcaraz: 'Juan Carlos Ferrero told me that...'

Matteo Berrettini is growing in all aspects, in terms of his game but also as an image of a man. Athletes with a good presence, linked to the success they achieve thanks to what they produce in their respective disciplines, are punctually courted by more or less well-known advertising brands that increase their popularity.

And the Italian tennis player has both qualities, which is why famous brands like Boss, but not only, have opted for him. In fact, the cover of the new issue of GQ Spain was dedicated to Matteo, as well as the first page and a nice interview mainly about his career.

Between the lines, this becomes a new victory for the face of Italian tennis over the current idol of Spanish tennis, the young star Carlos Alcaraz, defeated not only on court ─ the first Italian to defeat him was Berrettini himself, followed by Sinner and Musetti recently ─ but also outside of it.

Speaking of Matteo Berrettini as a man-image, it is not the first time that the Italian's presence outside of tennis has been requested. Recently, for example, Head & Shoulders hired him to shoot an ad in collaboration with The Jackal.

A few days ago, however, came the funny joke with the comedian Pasquale Petrolo, known to the general public as Lillo. An exchange on social networks that makes fans and followers dream of a match between them. Pasquale Petrolo, known as Lillo, sent a challenge message to none other than Matteo Berrettini on social media, who responded after receiving the invitation.

"Hello Matteo, I was looking for people to play paddle tennis or tennis. A friend told me that you play both things well, so if you want we can have a good game -Lillo began-. There was no lack of response from the Roman tennis player: "Hello Lillo, we don't know each other but I have come to know that you have challenged me."

Alcaraz won two Masters 1000 in 2022

Present alongside Stefanos Tsitsipas during the draw for the Masters 1000 in Montreal this Friday, a tournament in which he is seeded number 2 after Rafael Nadal's package, Carlos Alcaraz spoke about his adaptation to North American conditions after having played two tournaments on clay in July (finalist in Hamburg and Umag).

"It's a bit difficult to get used to a new surface, however consider me a player who adapts very quickly. If I train well before the tournament, I will also be 100% ready for the hard courts. There is a Grand Slam nearby; getting good results and playing good matches would help build confidence in the US Open.

Juan Carlos told me something, I want to visit the city and play in front of the fans. He also told me that the tennis club is amazing."