Emma Raducanu to haters: "I'm always criticized"

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Emma Raducanu to haters: "I'm always criticized"

After the Citi Open, Emma Raducanu came back to the court in her home, where she was born. She commented in a press conference before the opening match: "I'm thrilled to be back here, I haven't been to Toronto for a long time.

It's a pleasure to reconnect with this place and recover some memories. that I have with the city. I am looking forward to visiting some places that I am very familiar with and to start competing. The stadium is huge and very beautiful, the court is quite fast, I would say a little more than last week in Washington, the ball flies a lot."

The British took stock of the adventure in the US capital: "For me it was a very positive week, I had the opportunity to play three good individual matches, I think I played at a good level at certain times, so I see this experience as if it were a victory."

Emma Raducanu to haters: "I'm always criticized"

The number 10 in the world is back to talk about the changes after the success at the US Open: "Nothing has changed, I'm still doing the same things as before.

My parents continue to guide me in numerous decisions because, after all, I am still a girl of only 19 years. This season is complicated, I am facing many challenges but I am also learning many things." On the Williams sisters: "It is fantastic to have them in the tournament, to be able to meet them in the locker room.

My box office is pretty close to Serena's, so it's wonderful. I've seen them play on television all my life, I could say I grew up with them. Everything they have done for tennis is spectacular, all the years in which they have continued to compete at such high levels, overcoming adversity and coming back stronger and stronger than before.

They have nothing more to prove, if they wanted they should not continue playing tennis, but they love this sport. Their whole story is a source of inspiration for people of my generation." And about the negative comments she is getting: "Whatever I do I feel there will be criticism, no matter what you are doing, even when you do something right someone will approach and criticize you.

People will always find something to hold on to to attack you, so I try not to waste too much time on social media. I prefer to think of all the people who really support the players and do good to the Tour."