Simona Halep answers daring question: “Who was your first crush?”

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Simona Halep answers daring question: “Who was your first crush?”

Taking part in Tennis Channel’s YouTube segment “Confessional Cart”, Simona Halep answered the following question: “Who was your first crush?” “This is long time ago. I don’t remember,” said Simona Halep laughing at the question.

You can watch the full interview below. Simona Halep to marry religiously this year After Simona Halep and millionaire Toni Iuruc had their civil marriage completed last year, the couple will have their religious marriage settled on the 13th of November this year at Casino Sinaia, Romania.

Toni Iuruc was the one who announced the date and the location of the wedding party, per Fanatik. “Thanks for the happy marriage wishes. Yes, the information is correct. In November, we have our wedding in Sinaia. We hope it will be something very special for us, but I don't want to talk any more.

It's our private life. If you want to talk about tennis, please ask Simona. She handles the tennis side, she is the specialist, the family champion,” said Halep’s husband Toni Iuruc when asked about the wedding date.

“My husband supports me in my tennis career. He pushed me to come here to the [Mouratoglou] Academy. For me, it was a big step. It changed everything in my life - to leave home and come and stay here for several weeks for training.

I've been happy in my personal life since I met Toni,” Halep said recently about her husband.

Who is Toni Iuruc, Simona Halep's husband

Simona Halep's husband Toni Iuruc is a 42 years old Aromanian millionaire.

He owns six firms and one of them focuses on advertising. The bond that ties the two lovebirds is strengthened by the fact that both are Aromanians, a nationality that is linked to the Balkans region and features famous figures like Simona Halep, Gheorghe Hagi – football legend -, and Gheorghe Becali, the owner of FCSB football club.