Barbara Schett on Andy Murray: Clearly, things are not going overly well

Murray has been struggling with his game and cramps throughout the summer.

by Dzevad Mesic
Barbara Schett on Andy Murray: Clearly, things are not going overly well

Eurosport tennis expert Andy Murray noted that being able to stay fit and healthy is not going to get easier for Andy Murray as the Briton is running out of time to make one last good Grand Slam run. Murray, 35, made it clear at the start of this season that his big goal for 2022 was to make a great Grand Slam.

Murray, a three-time Grand Slam champion, hasn't had a great Grand Slam run since reaching the 2017 Wimbledon quarterfinal. Murray suffered second round defeats at the Australian Open and Wimbledon, while he skipped the French Open.

Going into the US Open, Murray hasn't been impressive. After picking up back-to-back first round losses in Washington and Montreal, Murray won a match in Cincinnati before losing to Cameron Norrie. Throughout the summer, Murray has been battling cramp issues.

Schett on Murray: Things are not going overly well

"Physically, it's not going to get easier for Andy Murray," Schett told Eurosport. "It's not just the hips, those injuries he has had. Usually, the older you get, the bigger of a task it is to keep your body fit and healthy, and I've seen it numerous times that the older players, the more they are suffering with cramps, the more they are sweating.

That seems to be a little bit of the case with Andy Murray. Also, the stress level to be able to perform because you're running out of time, that adds to that whole situation. Clearly, things are not going overly well. We will never find out when Andy Murray is going to retire because he probably doesn't know.

But I'm sure that that beginning of the American stint, he would have liked it to have been a little bit better. So I'm sure he is going to review things very shortly or after the US Open, and then we just have to wait and see." Murray clinched his first Grand Slam title at the 2012 US Open. it remains to be seen if Murray can turn back the clock and make another strong US Open run.

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