Carlos Alcaraz: 'I'm going to stay humble and...'

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Carlos Alcaraz: 'I'm going to stay humble and...'

Carlos Alcaraz wants to immediately return to the center of the spotlight for the results he manages to win on the pitch. After the two American Masters 1000 in Montreal and Cincinnati, in which he did not leave his mark and declared how he felt a lot of the pressure of always being one of the main favorites for the title, the Spaniard is looking for redemption and confirmation in a different Grand Slam for its best of five set match formula.

The Iberian, inserted in the lower part of the main draw as the third seed, will debut on Tuesday 30 August with the Argentine Sebastian Baez. The 19-year-old spoke at a press conference about his feelings before his difficult debut in New York: "I have good memories here last year.

It's a special tournament for me, so I'll give it my all and hopefully have fun too. My pressure here is to enjoy every game and show my best game, which is my main goal. If I succeed, I think I can aim for a good result" he commented.

On his current ranking and the differences compared to the 2021 edition: "What changes is that the best player watches your games and knows about you and your game. I would also say that I know a lot more people. However, I have not felt these differences between last year, for example, and now.

I'm just trying to be the same humble guy I've always been "he clarified in front of the media. The draw gave the two best Spaniards of the moment the chance to face each other in the semifinals. Alcaraz dreams of this super challenge and also expressed it during the interview: "Of course, it would be great for me to play a semi here against Rafael Nadal, but first there are great games in sight and I have to overcome them all."

Carlos Alcaraz is a young star

Carlos Alcaraz has become a star on the circuit in just a few months, and it was also here in New York last year that his talent burst forth, especially after a titanic match against Tsitsipas.

Asked about this new status, the Spaniard does not want to change his attitude. “Nothing has changed from last year except that I know a few more people. But I'm not going to transform myself, I'm going to stay humble and keep my child's soul,” said Carlos.

Asked about his possible semi-final against Rafa, Carlos was clear. “Of course it would be amazing for me to play a semi-final here against Rafa, but there are big games ahead and I have to get through all of them. Although I think I feel stronger and more prepared than last year because I have more experience in long matches."