Kyle Edmund reveals how it feels to back on Tour after very long absence

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Kyle Edmund reveals how it feels to back on Tour after very long absence
Kyle Edmund reveals how it feels to back on Tour after very long absence

Kyle Edmund, 27, says it feels like he is starting his career "all over again" after returning to the Tour following a lengthy absence. After being out for nearly two years, Edmund made his singles return at the Winnipeg Challenger in late July.

Previously, Edmund was out for a year and a half after undergoing three surgeries to repair the damage in his knee. "It does feel a little bit like I'm starting my career all over again," Edmund said, via the BBC. "The first few weeks when I played tournaments, it felt strange to be around the venues and just doing the tournament thing again.

Like, the little things of waking up on match days, getting on the bus, practising, eating, - the routine. All those that I've done all my career and then I hadn't; it took a bit of getting used to again. It has been a positive, of course, and it is nice to be here again.

When you're away from it so long you realise what you did have and then what you didn't."

Edmund set for a tough opener at the US Open

Edmund is now ranked outside the top-600 but he entered the US Open via a protected ranking.

In the US Open first round, Edmund plays this year's French Open finalist Casper Ruud. Going into the match, Edmund knows he is the absolute underdog but is looking at the positive side as he feels it's a perfect chance for him to determine what his true level is.

"Playing Casper will be tough but there will be a lot of positives that I can hopefully take away from it. I can learn what my true level is because he is at the top of the game right now. Right now it is so early coming back it is important that I don't give myself a hard time getting wrapped up in it all, but seeing it for what it is and the strides that I have made to get back," Edmund said.

Kyle Edmund

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