Cameron Norrie responds to Holger Rune accusing him of gamesmanship

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Cameron Norrie responds to Holger Rune accusing him of gamesmanship

Cameron Norrie rejected Holger Rune's accusations as gamesmanship he insisted that he wasn't pulling off tricky stuff during their US Open third round meeting. Once the server tosses the ball in the air, the shot clock stops.

Several times during the match, Norrie tossed the ball but didn't serve. Rune thought that Norrie was doing it on purpose and trying to buy some additional time with tricky stuff. “Are you kidding me?” Rune was heard shouting during the match as he wanted from the chair umpire to give Norrie a warning.

“Just before the time runs out, he serves, every time”. After realizing that Norrie wasn't going to be hit with a warning, Rune added: “You really think he’s not doing it on purpose?”

Norrie on Rune's accusations of gamesmanship

“I’m not doing it on purpose.

I’d love to go out there and have a perfect ball toss every time and get up there and hit rockets. It can happen sometimes. I’d rather play quick. I like to play quick,” Norrie said. In the end, Norrie defeated Rune 7-5 6-4 6-1 to progress into the US Open last-16.

After the match, Rune was asked to explain why he was frustrated with Norrie. “I think it’s a fine balance,” Rune said. “You have those 25 seconds and the umpire accepts that if you’re at one second and you do it you can let it go and take five, 10 seconds to bounce it again and then serve, and then you all of a sudden have 10 seconds.

It’s a bit annoying. I’m not controlling the rules but I think you can do it a couple of times but doing it 10, 15 times is maybe too much”. Meanwhile, 27-year-old Norrie has been through to his first US Open round-of-16. There, Norrie plays Andrey Rublev. It remains to be seen if Norrie can now reach his first US Open quarterfinal.