Nick Kyrgios shocked by elimination: "I feel like sh*t"


Nick Kyrgios shocked by elimination: "I feel like sh*t"

Nick Kyrgios was the big favorite for the final victory at the US Open 2022 after beating Daniil Medvedev and the simultaneous elimination of Rafael Nadal. Never in the quarter-finals of the New York tournament came the defeat against Karen Khachanov.

Understandably, the Australian tennis player appeared at the press conference with a rather polemical feelings. He explained in the press conference: "I entered the exhaust field. Slowly I grew up, but I am obviously devastated.

I can only congratulate Karen who was better than me: she is a warrior, a fighter, and I think she served in truly extraordinary way today. You simply played the important points better, I don't think there is anything else behind this defeat.

I just feel devastated, I feel like I just failed. Obviously I've played a large number of games in the last couple of months, so it's not always easy to be at the top of the game. As soon as I entered the field during the warm-up I felt a pain in my knee.

But it is nothing more. At the end of the game I felt physically fine, only mentally devastated."

Nick Kyrgios shocked by elimination: "I feel like sh*t"

For Kyrgios there are no other tournaments than the Slams: "Honestly at the moment I don't care about the other tournaments.

Right now I just feel like I want to be successful in the Slams as if the other events didn't exist. People don't care how you played, if you made it to the quarterfinals or semifinals, people only care if you won or lost. And I lost today.

I think all the other tournaments throughout the year are a waste of time, only the Grand Slams count. Defeats here hurt more. I feel like sh*t. I feel like I've let people down, I don't know how to explain it. It feels like I'm playing for everyone and not just me.

I feel that the four Grand Slam tournaments are the only ones that really matter, I can't help but wait until the Australian Open. I think it's heartbreaking right now, for me, for my friends and for my whole family."

Nick Kyrgios