Does Del Potro have any small doubts about Sinner and Alcaraz?

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Does Del Potro have any small doubts about Sinner and Alcaraz?

2022 saw the explosion in the circuit of the very young Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz. The talented of Spain has grown, week after week, and has reached a further step in the last few weeks. Alcaraz won the US Open at a very young age and thus became the youngest number one ever.

One of the matches that decided the Spaniard's race for the title was that of the match valid for the quarter-finals against the blue number one and our youngest talent Jannik Sinner. The talented South Tyrolean is facing a slower growth path than the Iberian phenomenon but has nevertheless had great satisfaction.

In New York Jannik was one step away from victory and Alcaraz canceled a match point in the fourth set, on Sinner's serve. From that moment things changed in the race and Alcaraz got the pass for the semifinal. The match in New York was the umpteenth of this season between the two young prodigies and both at Wimbledon and Umag it was the blue who had the better (on grass and on clay).

Does Del Potro have any small doubts about Sinner and Alcaraz?

Former Argentine champion Juan Martin Del Potro, who spoke to La Nacion during an interview, talked about the US Open match between Alcaraz and Sinner: "I would have liked to face Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz, but now they they are still forming.

I saw their match in the US Open quarter-finals and I thought that an experienced tennis player could have created great difficulties for them. If I think about it, it happened to me too during the first matches with Roger Federer, they didn't use variations and this was a problem.

It is however normal, we are talking about two phenomena and they will grow." Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz are the two young talents of world tennis and they are great friends. Speaking to the microphones of an event with BMW Alcaraz spoke thus, also bringing up the young Italian: "The Big Three? They are legends and have won everything, I'm just starting out.

All this makes no sense, I just have to improve and work to get closer to those levels. Tennis is constantly evolving, there are always news and work to improve. Who to choose between the tennis players of the current and the next generation? I choose Alexander Zverev and Jannik Sinner."