Roger Federer on rehabilitation: "It was frustrating"


Roger Federer on rehabilitation: "It was frustrating"

Roger Federer tried in every way to heal completely and to treat himself to one last season in the ATP Tour. In the end, the physique, knee in particular, did not follow his stimuli and the desire to return to play, having to definitively raise the white flag.

Roger Federer did not manage to recover a good condition after spending many months away from the pitch to be able to be competitive in the prestigious events of the 2022 vintage around the world. During a press conference held on Wednesday, the Swiss tennis player also told how the rehabilitation period went, expressing his thoughts.

Roger explained: "The rehabilitation was easy, if frustrating at times. I was able to enjoy the time at home. I think there was a process that started in the summer and it was difficult for me to reach a higher level. I used to have complex moments in rehab but, in fact, these kinds of challenges amuse me and I like to challenge my body.

We had to be very careful as time went by, as I was getting more and more tired."

Roger Federer and rehabilitation: "It was frustrating"

Roger then added: "I found myself at a crossroads and I was no longer ready or willing to risk everything.

Tennis is a very difficult sport to recover from. You have to be able to play long games, many races in a row. Perhaps the saddest part is when you realize that you are already at the end, but I ignored that feeling for a while.

It has been an incredible journey and we all know that this moment comes at a certain point. At the beginning of the summer, while I was trying to take a step forward in training, I saw that the knee was not right. I accepted that it wasn't going to be easy and that it was part of the process, but there came a point where I realized I couldn't.

It was the end. I have always said that I would not push to the limit. I didn't want any other operations. So, as I said, this summer I have already started discussing with my family and my team about where my last game would be, when and how."

Roger Federer