Panatta destroys Frances Tiafoe and Jack Sock: "They are troglodytes"

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Panatta destroys Frances Tiafoe and Jack Sock: "They are troglodytes"

Roger Federer has officially said goodbye to the world of tennis. The Swiss tennis player took part in the farewell match on Friday evening: Roger teamed up for the last time with his great friend and rival Rafa Nadal and the two played and lost against Americans Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe.

The latter entered the controversy after the victory for several reasons. If some of the Fedal fans wanted a last big win for Roger, others did not like the behavior of the two tennis players who punctually aimed at the body when Federer and especially Nadal were at the net.

This situation has generated insults and unsuitable words and the last to expose himself on the matter was the former Italian tennis champion Adriano Panatta.

Panatta defends Roger Federer: "Tiafoe and Sock are troglodytes"

Panatta intervened on the affair and harshly attacked the two Americans, even labeling them as troglodytes, here are his words: "They were villains, those two Americans continually threw full force in the face of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

It was a lack of respect and they only did this because they were unable to do anything else. They are troglodytes of tennis but above all villains towards two tennis players, champions, who have made the history of this sport."

The tennis player said closing with an age joke and declaring, "I thought, God, why don't you give me a chance to get on the court and do like I did when I was 25."
Federer greeted and said goodbye to the world of tennis with a moving letter.

Here is a small excerpt: "To my tennis family and beyond. Of all the gifts that tennis has given me over the years, the greatest is, without a doubt, that of introducing me to so many friends and fans in this magnificent sport."

This week has been extraordinary for the tennis world, in addition to the Laver Cup we have all experienced firsthand the farewell of a legend like Federer. Everyone appreciated but some didn't like Tiafoe and Sock's greeting to Roger Federer.