Swiatek unhappy with WTA and ITF: "They are not cooperating"

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Swiatek unhappy with WTA and ITF: "They are not cooperating"

Iga Swiatek in her last interview did not only focus on the victories, the top of the ranking and the ambitions for the future. The number one in the world complained about the calendar and the near contemporaneity between the WTA Finals and the Finals of the Billie Jean King Cup.

Although she has explained how for the moment she has not yet managed to metabolize a creepy 2022. She explained: "The truth is, I'm still getting used to all of this, even if it's a pretty comfortable position.

I worked hard to achieve these results, so I'm grateful to see my wins and my numbers. I remember a year ago at this point in the season I was under pressure because I was still trying to get a seat in the Finals, so those memories if possible make me appreciate even more what happened in the last 9 months."

Swiatek unhappy with WTA and ITF: "They are not cooperating"

A role full of burdens and honors for the Polish tennis player, who obviously feels the weight of her responsibilities: "I know I have some sort of influence on people, so I'd like to be an inspiration to younger boys and girls.

I'm happy to have a foundation, of course I also had the chance to meet people who knew me before I became popular. Let's talk about a problem. I'm not happy at all. The fact that ITF and WTA are not cooperating worries me.

I will do everything in my hands to change things. I don't want to repeat itself. In 2021 the same thing happened, that's why some players have been forced to make a decision. It's not fair." Words of esteem and affection obviously also towards Roger Federer, a model of inspiration for a lifetime: "It will be for the way he moves, in which he hits the ball, the technique or his way of doing inside and off the court.

But it is a separate thing. Watching him play has always been an experience. I don't know if I'll ever get close to her tennis, but I'll try."