Corentin Moutet's coach: "Here's how the fight went"

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Corentin Moutet's coach: "Here's how the fight went"

At the Orleans Challenger, Corentin Moutet and Adrian Andreev came to fight at the end of the match near the net. The match between the two was very hard fought, with the Bulgarian who managed to win with the final score of 2-6, 7-6, 7-6.

A very bad episode that returns to be a protagonist on the world tennis scene. In an interview with the team to talk about what happened was the French coach Laurent Raymond, who explained some interesting details about the story.

Moutet's coach explained: "There was nothing unusual on Corentin's part before the match. The only difference is that they met a few days ago at the Challenger in Genoa, with a defeat remedied by Moutet for 3-6, 7-6, 6-4. This perhaps led to a particular context.

Nothing unusual has happened in Liguria that I know of. Just in high-five, where Andreev teased him saying something like: 'I beat you, I'm the best' But nothing more."

Corentin Moutet's coach: "Here's how the fight went"

In the warm-up, apparently, the French athlete teased his rival while he was practicing with volleys.

Raymond added: "It's something he does from time to time. He gets on the track full of energy, it's in his stuff and that's part of the intimidation too. Maybe it was a consequence of what happened in Genoa, but I don't know." Then the quarrel at the end of the match: "After the match point it was Andreev who landed the first blow on the shoulder.

Corentin told me that he had told him 'Fuck you' twice during the match. There was a fight at the net. The chair referee separated them. They wanted to see each other after the game but could not get close." Then he concluded: "We must now wait for the ATP to report, which will question the witnesses starting with the chair referee. I think he wanted to take his time and give his verdict cold."

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